Review of:
Book 3 of the Legend Trilogy
By: Marie Lu

RATE: 4 1/2 Stars

Oh.Em.GEE!!! This has to be the best series ever. Great characters; neat, heart-stopping story line; and action-packed novel… I absolutely loved it. XD
I could seriously go on and on about this book but I might give way too much away…. Let me know what you think, not sure if I should go on and point out the things I really liked…

For one, I loved the main characters… Day is so cool, I love his sweet, wicked street skills xD he’s pretty bada$$ ;D
I love June’s intelligence and smarts. Really, These two are the perfect pair ;D
Next in line is Kaede, Matias, Pascao, and lastly Anden.
  Anden was okay, I liked him a little bit… I mainly felt sorry for him because he was so alone but so strong. He really needs someone (as long as it’s NOY June) in the end, once everything settles down. To be honest, Anden deserves someone who’s about as strong and regal as him.

The ending has to be WAY better than the ending to the Hunger Games and Divergent series… it was SO touching and sweet – I was very satisfied with the ending xD
Hurray for such a great ending!!!!! XP

I recommend this Trilogy to you! It’s so dang good!! :DD

I’m psyched that Legend is set up to be made into a Major Motion Picture!!!! XD EXCITEMENT!!!

– – – –
If you liked the Hunger Games, Witch and Wizard (J. Patterson), or Divergent, you just might like this series!!

Genre: dystopian, adventure, with a little bit of Sci-Fi and romance mixed in.

My Fav Dystopian series/trilogy!


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