Here’s a satirical article I had originally wrote for an English assignment but never turned it in because I had read the directions wrong 😛

So, here ya go!!! Hope you enjoy it and find this as amusing as I did! ^_^

(created on January 26, 2014)

– – – – – – – – –

Miley and Justin Dating??

This just in – Yes, Justin Bieber! Once again, he’s done something stupid and gotten drunk and busted for drugs. Not to mention, he’s started dating singer, Miley Cyrus. Not only can he not get his act together, he’s also a lot like Taylor Swift – he seems to have bad taste in who he gets together with.

Apparently Miley and Liam couldn’t twerk it out. . .

Just look at Miley and Justin; neither of them are ideal role models, not when they’re making bad decisions and career choices – moral and otherwise. Justin has somehow got it in his head that he can dance. Sorry Biebs, the crotch grab, winking at the crowd, or showing off the ‘abs’ you supposedly have aren’t very appropriate dance moves.

“Dat homie ain’t foolin’ anybody!”

Well, never say never, homie!

Look at Miley, though. What is UP with that hair? And who said it was okay that sticking your tongue out at the camera was a good, socially acceptable idea? Obviously, her fashion sense is seriously distorted – too much sunshine on that little head of hers growing up on the Hick Farm. . . Did she get life advice from Lindsey Lohan or something?

Even The Onion, a true, reliable news source, agree that Miley Cyrus just might be going crazy, and there may not be any of her left.

Wouldn’t that be a tragedy; what would we do without her moral stability, idyllic ways, and expert tongue techniques?

Earlier today, it was announced that Miley and Justin are related! Who would have thought? They have so much in common, it’s not even funny. Wouldn’t have guessed from all the bad choices they’ve made in the past; they both have fallen off the deep end together, hand in hand. . .

Bieber’s response: “Swaggie!”

Seriously Justin, learn to use a dictionary!!!

IN RECENT NEWS: Scientists have discovered a disease that lowers intelligence by 90%

Bieber Fever.

The picture here just goes to show how alike they really are. What a scary thought… That is what nightmares are made of.


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