I have new fav book series!!!

“Steel & Stone”  By: Annette Marie



This fall, I found this book via a daily bookbub email showing me books on sale for roughly $2 or less (free). I believe the first book of the 5-book series “Chase the Dark” was most likely free and sounded interesting, so I got it. I think it must have sat in my Kindle library for quite some time (I don’t remember WHEN exactly I got it), until one day (a few months ago, close to a YR ago),when I was probably bored and wanted a book to read, I started reading it.

Took me a while to get into it, like a few months or so. I rarely read nowadays because I’m mostly working and at school (hw, etc) and so life is always keeping me busy. Anyway, recently this past fall, I got more than halfway thru it and eventually finished it. Roughly around October, I read book 2 in TWO DAYS! (starting at 11 in the morning while walking the hallways at college till I //think around the next evening). When the fifth book came out in October, that’s what got me into the series again. I read the recently released book before going to read book #2 Bind the Soul. The romance is a slow-burn (my favorite) and I wanted to know if the main girl Piper finally got with the guy. XP  Priorities… 😉

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GIVING THIS SERIES A TRY!!!!!! And I hope you come to love and enjoy it as much as I do! ^_^



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