From “CHOAM” to “Chewbacca”: 10 Ways to Create New Words for New Worlds

Imagine you are some deity about to create a new universe from scratch, including all of its stars and planets, mountains and oceans, plants and animals. You’ll probably start with a handful of subatomic particles, a sprinkling of energy, and give it all a good mix together. If, as is more likely, you are a … Continue reading From “CHOAM” to “Chewbacca”: 10 Ways to Create New Words for New Worlds



I have new fav book series!!! "Steel & Stone"  By: Annette Marie This fall, I found this book via a daily bookbub email showing me books on sale for roughly $2 or less (free). I believe the first book of the 5-book series "Chase the Dark" was most likely free and sounded interesting, so I … Continue reading NEW FAV BOOK SERIES! [2015]

What I’m Currently Reading… (WICR)

[ NOTE: I wrote this last month in 2015. Sorry for the delay!! ] Time for another segment of WICR!! (Pronounced like: "wicker") This fall, I've discovered 2 new series of books to immerse myself in--as well as 2 other books - each from two different series - that came out in the past two … Continue reading What I’m Currently Reading… (WICR)