BOOK REVIEW: “Confessions of a Heartbreaker”

_CONFESSIONS_OF_A_HEARTBREAKER_1422882994434280SK1422882994B.jpg TITLE: Confessions of a Heartbreaker

AUTHOR: Jennifer Sucevic (she lives in Michigan w/4 kids & husband)

GENRE: this is a Mature Young Adult fiction novel

RATINGS: (out of 5 Stars)

Goodreads– 3.34

Amazon– 4

Mine 3.5


SUMMARY:  Meet Parker Montgomery. To him, “life is pretty damn awesome. With his good looks and easy charm, girls have always fallen right into his lap. Which FYI- is precisely where he likes them.” He’s a bit full of himself, and he hates commitment–which he is reminded of every time his good friend and his on-then-off-again girlfriend get in a fight and throw a huge fit. “His idea of a long-term commitment consists of a few pleasant hours spent fooling around in a dark room. And then there’s football…” 

Parker l lives and breathes football.. He’s given a tudor to meet with three times a week to help him keep his grades up in his senior literature class so that he can graduate and play football.

Meet Jordan, his new literature tudor. She thinks he’s nothing more than a walking STD and has no interest in him whatsoever. Ultimately, Parker finds himself thrown into a strange realm called “the Friend Zone”…and he’s pretty sure it doesn’t mean friends-with-benefits, either. This time, Parker gets to do the chasing for a change.


My Review:

Alright, I’d like to start off by saying how much different this book is to any other romantic novel I’ve read. First off, it’s from the point of view of the guy; we finally get to see the guy’s perspective of the love story and that sets the book apart from all the others. There really aren’t many stories from a male’s POV because it’s always from the female’s perspective, and I can’t help but wonder why that is… Strange!

Anyway, all I’m saying is that there needs to be more decently written books taken from the guy’s perspective. IT’S ALL I WANT!!!!!!!! DX

Haha okay, all the over-exaggerated drama aside, this story was very different and is definitely worth reading. Unfortunately, you get a lot of pervertedness, but Parker takes it all in honest stride. He sort of apologizes for his sick minded-ness throughout the story, but–then again–he’s also ‘sorry-not-sorry’ at the same time.

If you enjoy reading a ‘falling-in-love’ story from the GUY’S perspective, all Guy-Humor included, I highly advise you give this book a try! (: You probably won’t regret it! (or maybe you will, after delving into the mess that is a guy’s mind)… 😉

My Thoughts…

 • BEFORE Reading Book: the story line sounded interesting… Seeing that it was going to be from the guy’s POV also intrigued me into reading it. After reading so many books written from the female POV, getting the “Other Side” of the story for a change is really refreshing!

 • WHILE Reading: All that I can say is, as I’m one third of the way through the story, I think I generally preferred reading from the girl’s POV… Let me tell you, being in a boy’s mind is rather disgusting  -_-  I think I need a really long shower after reading the rest of this book XP

My Take on the Characters:

Parker  how do I put this plainly? …he’s a pig. His mind is the LAST place I’d ever want to be in. It’s guys like him that make girls view guys today: that majority of the men population (MANY, but not *ALL* of men!) care about is getting laid… but I decided to push aside my disgust of Parker’s lewd, boyish-ness and give him the benefit of the doubt as I read the book. Maybe Jordan will change him for the better? I sure hoped so…

The upside to “Lady’s Man” Parker was his humor. His mind isn’t always just consumed with perverse thoughts; the way he reacts to things happening around him (like his sarcastic remarks that go on in his head) is what keeps the story interesting and funny xD

“There’s absolutely nothing more that I love than a good challenge. And I swear if I bring my A game, you’ll never know what hit you.”  {cocky much??}
((It’s Friday morning & Parker is sitting in his Lit class…)):

God, can this woman drone on and on. And then on some more.   If I didn’t know any better, I’d have to guess that half the students in here were already stiff with rigor mortis. Any other day her lecture would be enough to induce a well-deserved mid-morning nap.

I snort with as much derision as I can muster. Which is actually quite a bit.

Jordan gives me a small frown before saying slowly, “[She] is my aunt.”

My eyes widen with absolute shock and a fair amount of horror. “Shut the eff up.” That woman actually has a family? Certainly did not picture that one. I thought she pretty much hatched from an egg… And then ate her siblings.

Man, I just want to yank her to me and crush my lips down on hers. Right here. Right now. I have been literally dying to kiss her all week. Ever since I met her at that party. And I’m not used to waiting for gratification when it comes to girls. Hell, I usually have to fight them off with a stick.

Ah, the sweet taste of victory… Actually, it tastes a lot like beer.

Yeah, even I know you don’t say something like that unless you’re looking to get slapped or kneed in the balls. And since I’m fairly partial to my lower regions, I generally try to avoid that at all costs.   { Priorities 😉 }
Crazy should never hook up with crazy.

 Jordan this girl is freaking awesome. I love the fact that she’s very different than other female characters in romance books, and she can stand up to Pretty Boy Parker and hold her own just fine. She’s also super witty and just all around cool – I particularly love her and Parker’s banter xP She’s strong and smart, too, and I LOVE seeing how distraught and flustered she makes Parker, LOL! Sucks for him 😛 

As I read the book, I tried to imagine/guess what might be going through her head when she’s around Parker. I’m sure she’s feeling…things and is experiencing many different internal reactions. BUT, reading a lot of these types of stories that are from the female’s POV, I think I have a pretty good guess as to what she’s thinking/feeling.  The reader can often see glimpses of some secret emotion and we can see it on her face from time to time…that maybe something big happened in her past to make her weary of boys like Parker {I mean, HELLO! We’ve all read the stories!} It’s very interesting.

A Few Memorable JORDAN Quotes:

+ “Let me save you the trouble, Parker Montgomery, because I can see the little hamster wheel spinning in your head. You don’t know me. And frankly, because of your rather man whore-ish reputation, I’m okay with that. You’re like a walking advertisement for STD’s. One I’ll be passing on.”
+ Just as she’s passing my chair, she leans down so that her lips are right by my ear. A little shiver shimmies its way down my spine. My eyelids instantly close as her warm breath tickles my skin. “I’m not gay, Parker. Just uninterested. There’s a difference.”

{You gotta love her!}

 Max & Emily those two kinda annoyed me, but were also a source of entertainment in the book. Max is Parker’s best friend and the one in a crazy roller coaster of a relationship. Emily is the over bearing, insanely jealous gf, and EXTREMELY quick to anger. People like her annoy the crap outta me, to be honest xP

Excerpts From the Book:

Looks like we’re all going to be forced to endure yet another episode of The Max and Emily show starring Max and his crazy girlfriend Emily. Let’s see what’s going to happen on this week’s episode… My prediction is that it will involve Emily screaming at her boyfriend Max (again) before breaking up with him (again) and storming off (again). In fact, I’d lay odds on it. They usually don’t deviate too much from the script.
Yep, Mt. Emily looks just about ready to erupt. This isn’t unusual behavior for our girl Emily. She literally rages at the drop of a hat. I’ve been an unfortunate witness to this way too many times before and if I hadn’t, I could actually find a few video clips on Youtube. Just search under psychotic girlfriend goes ballistic on boyfriend.

Here’s my tip of the day– just because a thought pops into your head doesn’t necessarily mean it should come out of your mouth. Lesson learned the hard way…

Seriously though, Emily & Max need to either get some serious counseling to work out their terrible problems or just STAY AWAY!–That’s what I strongly think. Max is very similar to Parker and is always ogling other girls, So when they have this huge public confrontation/fight in the book, she breaks it off AGAIN. I’m rejoicing by this point in the book while secretly wishing that they freaking stop seeing each other again. Emily is kinda stupid to keep coming back to Max. Seriously, they both can do way better!!! Blah, it’s so frustrating!

But I guess the following statement Parker makes – after Emily mentions that she could do better than Max in the book – IS true in a sense: Well, that statement is debatable. Max has his flaws but so does Emily. I would say that at the end of the day, they pretty much cancel each other out.”  I have to begrudgingly believe this, but I still think they shouldn’t keep dating. They have serious issues! Either work it out or leave. Please.

~ Parker’s Take: They’re both nuts. Worse than that, they keep going back for more. Actually, that’s more like psychotic if you ask me. Crazy should never hook up with crazy.
• More Thoughts:

Parker struggles with his feelings for Jordan throughout the book and he can’t get her off his mind. At first, getting her to like him becomes a game to him, a fun challenge, especially when her and Chris Hartley seem to be ‘a thing.’ Park gets so jealous! xD

Then he discovers:

This feeling of…wanting is just plain aggravating. I’ve never experienced anything like it before… Yep, this girl is definitely back to being my dirty little secret. And not because she’s tutoring me, either. She’s turning out to be my kryptonite.
{And more}:

You know what I like most about [Jordan]? She’s not crazy. Crazy chicks are the absolute worst and should be avoided at all costs. 

^ { ’nuff said 😉 }
Little does she know that I can totally get my Scooby Doo on when there’s a mystery that needs to be solved. And Jordan is a total mystery to me. She always has been. I’m having the damnedest time trying to wrap my mind around this girl. You’d think she would throw me a bone for all my effort. But not Jordan. Nope, she’s a total hard ass. And we all know how much that gets me going…

 ❤ ~ ❤ ~ ❤

I hope you take the time to read this book… it’s very funny and sorta cute and you just might like it ^_^

Leave me a comment below if you liked my review and/or read the book. Tell me YOUR thoughts on the book, I’d love to hear from you 😀




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