RE: The Importance of a Good Man

What a great blog post (: I recommend this to any girl who’s ever been in negative relationships or who haven’t yet and who is looking for advice for future relationships!!

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**should say explanation, not explination. Too much effort to fix, so forgive me.**


FutureHusbandBOOK (The PDF)

Some of my friends who are guys read my blog. Sometimes, while reading, they come across certain posts and become concerned. I know this because they tell me.

Most recently, I have had three guys in the past few weeks tell me that they are worried the type of man I’m looking for doesn’t exist. One specifically told me I was “chasing a dream.” Or, basically, that I’ve set my standards too high. I’ve decided to clarify exactly what I meant.

For starters, I have to clarify that when I made that post, I was just barely over a negative relationship. After negative experiences, we frequently find ourselves very determined to never repeat that experience. Of course, that’s not to say that after a while we can lower our standards again, but sometimes it’s nice…

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BOOK REVIEW: “Gathering Darkness”

Title: Gathering Darkness (Book 3 of the Falling Kingdoms Series) Author: Morgan Rhodes Genre: Fantasy RATINGS: (out of 5 Stars) Goodreads- 4 Amazon- [Avg. Customer Reviews:] 5/5 (21)     ;  4/5 (4) *Mine- 4.5 Synopsis: (according to The stakes have never been higher in Morgan Rhodes' third book in the Falling Kingdoms Series as three teams push forward … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: “Gathering Darkness”