Book Reviews to Come Soon!! :D

Hey ya’ll!! Long time no see! XP I apologize for my incredibly long absence. I recently finished my first semester of junior college as a College Freshman!! XD It was hellish and stressful unfortunately -_-  But THANK GOODNESS IT’S OVER!!!

Anyway, I’ve recently come across some new and intriguing books on Amazon…

When I opened my kindle (for those of you who have your own Kindles, you know it always advertises books when you turn it on/open it) Well, when I opened mine, the book being advertised before my eyes so happens to be yet another book by one of my new favorite authors–Marie Lu!  It’s called The Young Elites and so far, I can tell it’s very different from her other series, the Legend Trilogy — “The Young Elites” has a darker story line…

But this time, by the end of the book (or so I’ve heard), the main character the POV is written from has a dark side to her; more villain than hero. The question is: is she going to turn Good or Evil??  Oh, and you also get the POV of a character from the Bad Side, too — but there will be short parts of that, though.

It’s a twist on every generic Fantasy-slash-Dystopian style story out there; it will be slightly refreshing to read something different for a change 😀  But I’m not too sure how I’ll like it…

BELOW is a list of the books I discovered and will eventually write a review on whenever I finish them:

Grasping at Eternity ~Karen Hooper
Grasping at Eternity
~Karen Hooper
~Eveline Hunt
~Eveline Hunt
Morgan Rhodes
Morgan Rhodes
Jena Leigh
Jena Leigh
Marie Lu
Marie Lu

Right now I’ll be switching between reading The Young Elites, The Darkest Minds, and Gathering Darkness. I will try and read dutifully…

So, until then..




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