27 Reasons To Tell Your Best Friend How Much You Love Her, Right Now

Many of these are me and my best friend ^_^

Thought Catalog

1. Because she puts up with your shit.

2. Because she loves you unconditionally, even when you feel you don’t deserve it.

3. Because she is the only one who will be brutally honest with you, and whom you’ll still love even when the truth hurts.

4. Because sitting in silence with her is not at all awkward, and you love that.

5. Because she goes on Friday and Saturday night dinner dates with you.

6. Because you never run out of things to talk about.

7. Because she calls you to gossip on her way over to your house, which annoys you but also makes you laugh.

8. Because she encourages you every day to be your best self.

9. Because she supports your dreams and truly wants you to achieve them.

10. Because, even when you know she doesn’t want to hear it, you can tell her every…

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