How Do You Write?


ed5339aab4b6a9ab09ce8d69262fa0c0 Those of you who blog or write (or both), how do you structure your work schedule?

Recently I read to just sit at the computer for a specific amount of time no matter what. If you’re writing, great – if not, still sit there. After reading that advice I was given it by someone other than who had written it.

Oddly, I’ve treated my desk and computer much the same as I’ve treated the bed for sleeping:  go there when it’s time for it to serve a function. I’ve always heard to use the bed for sleeping, not hanging out or watching TV. Without giving it much thought I’ve realized that I do the same with my work space… I use it when I’m ready to work. I’ve never thought of just making myself sit here until something to write comes into my head (I always thought that would be…

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