Fracture Me, A Shatter Me Novella by Tahera Mafi

A really addicting series… very dark and action-packed.. it’s a real tear-jerker, this one 😛

The Online Eccentric Librarian

For this, the second novella in the series, we get Adam’s perspective, before ending the series in the last book, Ignite me.  As with the first novella, I was very impressed with how Mafi gave a very different viewpoint and style to really elucidate the differences in the three main characters.


Where Juliette was indecisive, unsure, Warner was introspective and controlled, Adam is simple and reflexive. And it shows in the writing – Juliette repeating words/phrases constantly, Warner always thinking about what’s going on under the scenes and speaking in a very tightly controlled voice, and now Adam talking from the hip, using swear words, and being much more brusque.

What struck me about this perspective is that Mafi makes Adam the big protector. Now that he has come to realize that Juliette is stronger than he is and not the sad little kitten he met in prison, he is…

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