Book Review: Champion


(the Third and Final book in the Legend Trilogy)

By Author: Marie Lu



Oh.Em.GEE!!!! This has to be one of the best dystopian book series/trilogy I’ve read SO FAR! It has great characters and a neat, heart-stopping story line – as well as an action-packed novel… I absolutely loved it!!!! (in case you couldn’t already tell ;-P)

I could seriously go on and on about this book and this trilogy series, but if I do that I might give a lot of important stuff away… Just let me know what you thought about the book – some of you have many different opinions, I’m sure! 😛


Why I Loved This Book:

~ For one, I loved the two main characters…

~ The ending was WAY better than the ending to the Hunger Games and the Divergent trilogies. Champion‘s was just so touching and sweet – I was very satisfied with the ending xD Kudos to Marie Lu for such a fantastic ending!! (:


I totally recommend ya’ll read this trilogy!!!!


– – – – – – – –

If you liked the Hunger Games, Witch & Wizard (J. Patterson), or Divergent, you just might like this trilogy.

Genre: dystopian and adventure, with a little bit of Sci-Fi and definitely some romance mixed in!

My favorite dystopian series/trilogy!!!


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